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To provide wholesale (and limited retail) multiple products in accordance with specific requirements and unique needs of our clients


Product Impex is a general trading company that offers business-to-business (B2B) and individual trade solutions offering one-stop trade services to national and international buyers in global and national market who are interested in purchasing directly from Pakistan. Our products include different industries from agriculture to manufacturing and everything in between.

Product Impex also offers custom services like custom design, dying, embossing, printing, packaging and labeling.

In close collaboration with manufacturers and producers, experienced team of traders at Product Impex excels in trustworthy trading exactly in line with clients’ unique requirements. Product Impex prides in working with clients from initial contact and guarantees efficiency and personal attention till delivery and beyond. Our specialization lies in providing end-to-end solutions for all our supplies. Whether you are looking to develop uniform for your medical facility, towels for your retail stores and chain, socks for special weather conditions or rice for your chain of hotel chains or for reselling under your own brand, Product Impex is one of the leading trading companies that offer everything.

In area of food, we offer quality rice grown in the best rice producing areas anywhere in the world and natural salt (and salt products) in bulk quantities. In addition to bulk quantity and wholesale trading, Product Impex also offers small quantities to small businesses.

The company has a commitment to provide best to customers’ service, quality and prices anywhere.
Some of our products are:

Industrial Equipment:

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Product Impex - One Stop Shop

Product Impex – a leading trading company offers Garments including Aprons,  Towels, Sports Socks, Beachwear, Work wear  and a whole lot more.

Best thing is that we also offer private label. That means we will supply what any retailer would like under the name of their own name. That in turn means your own brand. In the time when consumers want to attach identity to everything they use, this is one of the best trends in trading. Private labels allow you to sell what you want under your own brand.

What is more, Product Impex offers competitive products with high quality and low price. There is no middle man involved in between. Being in business from some time and already with base of happy clients all over the world, Product Impex is an ideal one stop shop for retailers and organizations and those who want to get customized products like apron with your message must have a look and see what is on the offer and how best.

What distinguish Product Impex from any other trader is that we offer deep and long range of products from textile and tents to stationary (see here). And all our products comes from the best manufaturers in their own fields. Have a look and find out more.

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Marquees and Tents

Army people more than anyone else may have very fond memories of Tent 180 Lbs Double Fly or just a 40 pounder single fly pitched for shades. But other than army, tents have multiple usages: Nomads use them all the time. They are also used for emergencies, recreational purposes and so many other things.

Basically, “A tent is a shelter consisting of sheets of fabric or ther material draped over, attached to a frame of poles or attached to a supporting rope. While smaller tents may be free-standing or attached to the ground, large tents are usually anchored using guy ropes tied to stakes or tent pegs. First used as portable homes by nomadic peoples, tents are now more often used for recreational camping and temporary shelters.” Now they have developed and more sophisticated version can be seen in so many places.

Product Impex directly collaborates with tentage manufacturers and producers and offers the exact shape and size of what clients need; may be for camping in the foot of K 2 up in the north or marquees and larger tents for a marriage venue in DHA, Lahore. This collaboration gives our clients greater degree of flexibility while dealing with Product Impex and gives us the strength to deliver what we promise in time and in the best way.

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Work wear

Like aprons, one-piece overalls are also a multipurpose work wear used in almost all fields of human activities. You see people in overall working everywhere from production line of a garment factory to warehouse of a supper store to an army parade ground where soldier use them for weapons cleaning or doing miscellaneous fatigue duties. Stand on any production line and you will see people dressed in overall. They are a comfortable working dress for any line.

Usually less tight-fitting piece of work garment are comfortable to work in help avoid many work related problems. Given the convenience and safety, They are widely used at work places; also as a leisure and informal wear.

Product Impex offers best quality overalls, jump suits, boiler suits in bulk. Approach Product Impex and we can provide a wide variety of coveralls in any designs (half sleeves or full sleeves), specification (for men and women) and material (cotton or fire resistant material) as per your own requirements.

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Made in Pakistan

Product Impex provide clients with an efficient and manageable procurement process covering every phase of the international supply chain and streamlining trade channels. That is why we stand out as one-stop, customized end-to-end trade solution provider serving international buyers. Product Impex also understands the reservations you may have regarding purchasing via the internet. That is why Product Impex has taken extra steps to make your experience hassle free and safe. If you encounter a problem at any time during your transaction, Product Impex is happy to help you resolve it or reply to any queries you may have.

Product Impex invites you to discuss with us about your specific needs and we will offer our best advice on the nature of product or a solution that might suite your own unique settings. Feel free to reach us for consultation sessions. We are always approachable.

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